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What Clients

Are Saying…

Thank you for our session yesterday.  It gave me direction and hope!  You can't ever go wrong when you come from a place of love.   I'm dedicated to make things better and live the remaining years of my life here on earth with the man I love. 

I have been a client of Marriage Relationship Synergy for the past 5mo or so. I have been very pleased & impressed with my relationship coach’s, knowledge and expertise.  The way Paula approaches your particular situation isn’t a one size fits all approach.  Her advice and guidance is tailored to your particular situation once she has really listened to your issue/challenges.  Paula is really talented in her abilities to really understand and read between the lines to get, \ to the core challenges facing her client.  She has a completely straightforward,

non-sugar coated approach that enables her clients to deal with the sometimes hard to face truth to find a solution.  She provides hands-on guidance; more than a simple coaching or counseling session. I plan to continue in my utilization of Paula’s conflict resolution/mediation services because after each conversation I always come away with something useful…even if it’s simply her calming me down.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone who truly wants to understand their conflict and desires a professional, useable, and effective solution. 

- S.A. 

Thank you for your highly skilled coaching.  It all works!My wife of 28 years was about to leave me again for the second time as she had no more emotions for me as a husband, only loved me like a brother or best friend. We already sought help from our doctor and local counselor, but were still having difficulty. So I searched the Internet for help and decided to contact you.  After the first meeting it had already started to turn around for the better! You gave me excellent advice how to better myself and guided me in a positive way. I'm learning to focus on the positive things, not negativity. I'm looking forward to many things in the future of our marriage as we go forward. Thank you, for the tools and knowledge that your tools and program has given me.

-Kevin L.

We wanted to say thank you so much for all you have done to help us try to recover and save our marriage after my devastating affair. You put your heart into helping us to heal, and became a true partner with us. You made us work hard, never let us off the hook, and challenged us in every session. When emotions got in our way, you understood our feelings but provided the voice of reason that we needed to move forward. When we were in a tough spot we reached out for your help and you never let us down!I have much work to do to repair the damage that I have caused. Knowing that you are in our corner, helping to save our marriage, is a comforting feeling. We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

-Mr. B. D. 

I truly enjoyed our workshop with Paula.  One of my favorite things about it was that Paula provided action items of things we could actually implement to create a game plan.  She turned an intangible topic into a tangible “helpful list of things to do”.  I liked being able to walk away with a list of actionable ideas of how I could implement beneficial change.  In fact, I liked our chat time with Paula so much that I couldn’t stop interjecting my thoughts/excitement.  My only negative feedback would be that I need to keep my big, fat, opinionated mouth shut and allow Paula to finish her discussion! Seemed like some of us had personal stories that we wanted to share!


In short, loved it!!  Can’t wait for October’s workshop!  She’s great!  We are so lucky to have her.  She is a gem.  I want her to come live with me (I know, TMI).  Where was she during my ugly divorce when K’s dad and I needed a trustworthy mediator?  We could’ve used her then. Thanks for arranging this time with her.  I sure do appreciate all your hard work.  Have a great week!

-M.  Bell

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