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Teaching values, offering possibilities,
and building hope

Couple Group Programs


Held In Person In Atlanta, GA Only

Engage in learning fun-filled, exciting, relationship building concepts that lead to spicy, intimate, romantic enhancement within your marriage.

Duration: 2 hours

Conscious Mating  (Pre- or Newly Married Couples)

Webinar or Teleseminar
Increase your relationship success by understanding required relationship components and mindset necessary to function

as “WE” as oppose to “ME” producing a fantastic loving relationship.

Duration: 5 / 1 hour per week sessions

Advance Conscious Mating (Couples Married 5 Years or More) 

Webinar or Teleseminar
Deepen your intimate connection, communication, and experiences as a couple to create a stronger, satisfying, happier, more fulfilling relationship with your lifepartner.
Duration: 5 / 1 hour per week session


Webinar or Teleseminar
Manage marital conflict with this program created to assist couples in identifying conflict causes, utilizing conflict management techniques and tools that will transform challenging experiences into relationship growth.
Duration: 4 / 1 hour /week sessions



Webinar or Teleseminar
Take the reins in protecting your marriage and becoming proactive as we explore marital challenges, advantages, preservation strategies and the valuable return on your long term investment. 
Duration: 2 hours


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