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Paula Y. Martin

Meet Paula Y. Martin

RCI Certified Relationship Coach and Conflict Resolution Expert

My Promise

I am committed to client confidentiality and offer the best care and service to all relationship concerns.  I provide effective relationship tools, techniques, information and support that has power to infuse positive energy into a client’s relationship and transform it to function like a "well-oiled machine”...working together as one!”  


1 Hour Consultations
Relationship Repair/Enhancement
Private Relationship Education
Multi-Couple Group Relationship Education
Couple Group Programs are available via webinar or teleseminar

Marriage Repair

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Thank you for your highly skilled coaching.  It all works!My wife of 28 years was about to leave me again for the second time as she had no more emotions for me as a husband, only loved me like a brother or best friend. We already sought help from our doctor and local counselor, but were still having difficulty. So I searched the Internet for help and decided to contact you.  After the first meeting it had already started to turn around for the better! You gave me excellent advice how to better myself and guided me in a positive way. I'm learning to focus on the positive things, not negativity. I'm looking forward to many things in the future of our marriage as we go forward. Thank you, for the tools and knowledge that your tools and program has given me.

Kevin L.

Kevin L. 

Who benefits from these services?

Individuals or Couples:

Involved in Committed Relationships

Engaged to be Married

Married – Desiring a more loving, happy, connected relationship

In Crisis – Needing resolution to continue and improve relationship


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