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Paula Y. Martin is a Certified RCI Relationship Coach and serves clients world-wide.  
​She has practiced relationship coaching and conflict resolution with families, and in court mediations for businesses as well as divorce cases since June of 2005. She is registered with the state of Georgia as a Business, Civil, General and Domestic Mediator and with FINRA as a Public Arbitrator.  Paula also has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Management Information Systems and exercised problem solving techniques throughout her 9 year career in the corporate setting as a Systems Engineer.


Paula believes and has experienced the lasting, valuable, personal and cultural benefits of "keeping the family together" even when times are tough!  She says "people thrive best, are happier, more successful and able to develop better relationships in society when they have a loving and supportive mate whom they enjoy, with whom they can practice relationship skills and count on for life.  "So goes the marriage, so goes the family, so goes society!"  

Paula is committed to providing effective tools and techniques to couples wanting to create this close connection because of the valuable lessons learned from her parent's 67 years of a non-perfect but love-filled marriage and her own experiences functioning as the last of 7 siblings. She has been married to the love of her life for 27 years, and they have 2 beautiful children.